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Oakland Parking Citations Online Payment

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Want to look up or pay your Oakland Parking Citations Online? Tough, if you look on the Oakland website: http://www.oaklandnet.com/government/fwawebsite/parking/parking_faq.htm

However, if you go to http://www.oaklandnet.com/government/fwawebsite/parking/parking_disclaimer.htm, you can look up and pay your tickets. Provide the # of an old ticket and see any outstanding tickets.

Easier to remember and type: http://snurl.com/oaktkt (AKA http://snurl.com/OakTkt )

Check to see if you have outstanding citations due. This feature is very helpful if you aren't getting citation notices in the mail. I was stuck in a catch-22: The Parking folks said they got my mailing address from the DMV, and wouldn't address the problem. The DMV kept refusing to update my mailing address, because they already had my correct mailing address, so I never get parking citation notices. Also, they take months to process tickets, and then backdate late fees. Really sleazy! (Criminal, actually.)

(once worked: https://www.ptsonline.org/PTSonlinepayments/OaklandOnlineInquiry.asp , https://www.ptsonline.org - would work if their SSL certificate hadn't expired last month; they don't plan to renew it.)

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